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Endless Possibilities!

Home/ Blog/ endless-possibilities endless possibilities! engineered with the architect in mind! The exceptional quality and incredible design of our FritsJurgens pivot hinges create endless possibilities ...
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Italian Classics!

Home/ Blog/ italian-classics italian classics these beautiful italian classic handles return! Three different styles  available on plate and two style of door knobs all suitable ...
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Home/ Blog/ really-is-the-worlds-best really is the worlds best –fritsjurgens invisible pivot doors! The exceptional quality and incredible design of our FritsJurgens pivot hinges create endless ...
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Knurled is here to stay!!!

Home/ Blog/ knurled-is-here to-stay knurled is here to stay!!!tantalisingly textured! Products that require extra grip are often knurled to improve usability, we just love the ...
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Take a virtual tour

Home/ Blog/ take-a-virtual-tour take a virtual tour- visit our virtual showrooms from the comfort of your home! Explore our showrooms in a 360 virtual your ...
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The Best Pivot Door!

Home/ Blog/ the-best-pivot-door the best pivot door!winning pivot door 2021 The winning pivot door of 2021. The basis of the entrance is a lightweight honeycomb ...
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Spring is here

Home/ Blog/ spring-is-here spring is here – at least for hinges! Whether it is a home office door you need to keep closed or maybe ...
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Door stops galore –

Home/ Blog/ door-stops-galore door stops galore – protect your walls and sanity now! Such a simple device yet it will protect your walls and handles ...
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Its not just a number – Bespoke signage

Home/ Blog/ its-not-just-a-number its not just a number – bespoke signage! you will be amazed at what we can do with flat signage, If you ...
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Beef up your door security in style !

Home/ Blog/ beef-up-your-door-security beef up your door secuityin style! Many homes do not have adequate door hardware effective enough to resist forced entry or the ...
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Handles Inc is your number one shop for premium door handles and accessories. We stock a vast array of products. From hand-crafted merchandise sourced from local artisans, to designer door handles from world-renowned designers across the globe.

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